Mediation Services

Mediation can be an efficient and cost-effective way for couples to identify and resolve issues resulting from separation and divorce.  Our goal is to help couples keep a realistic focus on the issues which must be resolved and minimize the emotional and financial costs of reaching that resolution.

Our mediators are trained in domestic and family law mediation techniques.  They are also attorneys actively practicing family law who have extensive training and experience in tax, corporate, employee benefits and estate planning law.  They are uniquely qualified to help couples identify and resolve the wide variety of issues which might arise in divorce and to facilitate discussions between spouses that will result solutions for the future.


Our mediators can help couples work through all of the issues that arise divorce.  Couples without minor children will need to agree on an equitable division of martial property and whether alimony will be necessary.  Couples with minor children will also need to address issues of child support and parenting time schedules and custody.

Mediation can be used to resolve all divorce-related issues or only a few specific issues with which a couple needs help. For example, a couple might have decided on how to divide their marital property but need help working through their parenting plan.  Because mediation can be targeted to a specific issue it can save a family time and money. In contrast, court-driven litigation encompasses all issues, even the ones a couple believes they have resolved.

Mediation can occur before or after a divorce action has been filed with the court.  Our mediators are licensed to handle either type of mediation.  If a couple can successfully resolve all issues in mediation before starting their court case, they can have a much less expensive and time-consuming divorce process.


After couples separate, even if they stay in the same home together, they often want to establish some “rules of the road” for the period before their divorce is final.  We can help couples think through the practicalities of how to divide expenses, allocate income and establish parenting time routines.  An agreement covering just these issues can be prepared so expectations are set for both parties. 

For example, a couple can come to mediation to resolve only the issues around splitting expenses for their home and how they will go about getting that home ready for sale. They can then later mediate other issues in their divorce like alimony or dividing other marital property.

The mediation process can be as flexible as couples need it to be. Engaging in mediation before beginning the process of formalizing a divorce settlement can set a cooperative tone and smooth the path of discussing and completely resolving all issues in a divorce.

Mediation for Issues after Divorce

Issues can arise after divorce as a result of disagreements or changed circumstances.  Couples can come to mediation to resolve those issues and can leave with revised agreements that will allow them to avoid court actions for modification.  Clients with minor children find mediation to be useful for discussing what is in the best interests of their children and how they can modify their divorce agreement to meet children’s changing needs and circumstances.

Mediation Fee Schedule

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